Our Park

Fifty thousand years ago, a continental glacier moved southward over New Hampshire. As the ice sheet thawed, great blocks of granite cleaved from Hawk's Cliff. These massive granite blocks created a series of caves and passageways for you to explore. The park's name refers to the "polar" breath that emanates from the caves even on the hottest summer day. Temperature differences between the air above ground and in the caves are why it's a good idea to review our FAQs.
Polar Caves offers a welcome environment that allows you to explore at your own pace, to experience nature and plug into your inner explorer. Attractions include:

  • The Animal Exhibit (fallow deer and ducks)
  • Nine granite boulder caves
  • Main Lodge Gift Shop
  • Nature Trails

Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and take advantage of the picnic area, gazebos and benches located throughout the park.
Check out our Attractions page for more information about attractions, and where to find them in the park.
Cool Fact: The largest glacially deposited granite boulder in the world landed at Polar Caves. Spanning a stunning 110 feet in length, the boulder towers 50 feet into the sky, is 75 feet thick and is estimated to weigh 50 million pounds - that's 25,000 tons.