Our Caves

Polar Caves is home to nine granite caves you can duck, squeeze and shimmy through! How are our boulder caves different from limestone caverns? Granite caves are formed, not by flowing water, but from boulders that have been deposited by a glacier. The negative space between the boulders form passageways to explore.

Our caves inspire wonder and excitement for visitors of all ages and you'll have fun learning cool facts along the way. Our caves are all illuminated and have designated walkways to provide an exciting and unique experience for any generation. Become a PC explorer and learn the stories behind the attractions!

Caves and Features

  • Polar Pinch
  • Mysterious Hanging Boulder
  • The Ice Cave
  • Raven's Roost
  • King Tut's
  • Fat Man's Misery
  • The Council Chamber
  • Cool Off and Rest
  • The Bear's Den
  • Devil's Turnpike
  • Orange Crush
  • Needle's Eye
  • The Lemon Squeeze