Our Caves

Polar Caves is home to nine granite caves you can duck, squeeze and shimmy through! What's the difference between granite and limestone? Granite is an igneous rock, formed from solidified lava or magma whereas Limestone is sedimentary, formed from layers of minerals that solidify and accumulate over time.

Our caves inspire wonder and excitement for visitors of all ages and you'll have fun learning cool facts along the way. Become a PC Explorer and learn the stories behind the attractions!

  • Polar Pinch - Can you stand the pinch to move an inch?
  • The Ice Cave - Descend into the earth and touch the last of winter's ice in the middle of the summer!
  • King Tut's - A perfect cave to stop for a rest on a bench fit for a pharaoh!
  • Fat Man's Misery - The name says it all. Are you ready to shimmy and shake through this tight spot?
  • The Indian Council Chamber - What will you decide? To continue with the adventure or turn back?
  • The Bear's Den - No actual bears live here...we don't think...
  • Devil's Turnpike - Walk the narrow path and whatever you do - don't look down.
  • Orange Crush - Prepare to feel the crush of rocks made millennia ago - or not! You have to try it first!
  • The Lemon Squeeze - Can you squeeze yourself through this narrow crevasse? Left foot first to find out!